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Help develop new and necessary 2nd amendment technology.

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Getting involved with MAG CLUB is easy and doesn't even have to cost you a penny. Join for free, or become a MAG Club member for just $129/year. Or, donate to our cause and help us protect your 1st & 2nd amendment rights.


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Take Action, VOTE

Big goals are achieved in small steps. Our gun club is organized in a way that allows all members to participate, voice their opinion and help guide 2nd amendment technology.

Earn/Buy 2ACoin

Step 1: Earn or purchase 2ACoin from the MAG Club Organization or mine it with your computer. 2ACoin is a decentralized crypto-currency with can be used for many things within MAG CLUB, such as tipping and voting.

Tip / Send 2ACoin with users

Step 2: Tip 2ACoin for on for member content. Send & Receive 2Acoin between your friends.  Collect them, as they will allow you to do many cool things in the future.

Vote with 2ACoin

Step 3: Throughout the year voting opportunities will come up in which MAG CLUB members will vote for board members & other agenda items.  2ACoin ownership will directly correlate to the number of votes you have as a MAG CLUB member.

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What's happening with MAG Club? Here is the latest scoop.

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MAG Club Members
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Armsbook Members
Easy and FREE, Join today!
MAG Club Members
$129/yr membership
of Armsbook members
The higher this number, the more we can do for you!

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All donations through this form go to hiring programmers to fight 2nd amendment censorship by BIG tech.

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