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Working to protect the 2nd amendment from big tech.

Let’s face it.  Big tech hates guns.  Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, PayPal, Square and many more BIG & POWERFUL technology companies are doing everything  in their power to censor and black-list pro-gun and pro-freedom Americans on their platforms. 

We are working to combat this. View some of our recent posts to find out how. 

What is MAG Club?

We bring 2nd amendment supporters together, so we can better protect the 2nd amendment and other amendments granted to Americans by the Bill of Rights against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. 


Real World: We bring gun lovers together at events across the USA.

Nothing beats face to face contact. MAG Club makes that happen nearly every week in cities and towns scattered across the nation.

Online: Gun Lovers need a safe space in the metaverse too. Let's create it.

We've create to provide a online space free from the online anti-firearms censorship perpetrated by BIG tech.

Crypto: We incorporated a store and exchange of value for 2A supporters.

Payment processors are banning firearms businesses from their platforms, we are working on a solution with ARMS Rewards & 2ACoin.

The Number Of Active 2ACoin Wallets Held By Users Of ARMSBOOK.COM

Current Projects

MAG Club works to protect the 2nd amendment from both real world and online threats. Here is a short list of some of the current projects MAG Club is working on with your support.