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What is Armsbook?

ARMSBOOK.COM is a social media platform designed to benefit American’s who want to meet and develop friendships with other 2nd amendment supporters around the country.

ARMSBOOK.COM was designed specifically to counteract the attacks that other so called American based social media platforms have conducted on gun owners, gun businesses and 2nd amendment supporters over the last decade.

While other social media platforms are outright banning, shadow-banning and removing gun related content posted by users, ARMSBOOK.COM rewards you for this sort of content with ARMS Rewards and a collection of digital guns.

Interaction with ARMSBOOK.COM is much like interacting with other social media platforms, except instead of liking a post we shoot them or react with one of our unique army hat emojis featured below.





















A unique difference between ARMSBOOK.COM and other social media platforms is the ability to tip value between your user account and another user.

This value come in the form of ARMS Rewards.

Earn your first gun! Join ARMSBOOK.COM Today!

What Are ARMS Rewards?

ARMS Central Repository

ARMS Rewards are a derivative internal currency system that derives its value from the crypto-currency which it maintains a 1:1 reserve ratio of, 2ACoin (ARMS).

Think of it like the old central banks of the United States. These central banks issued paper currency which had a 1:1 backing of silver and gold in deposit. 

While the central banks of today no longer back there currency with gold and silver, we’ve decided that the central bank we have been creating called the ARMS Central Repository needed something to back the ARMS Rewards which get issued to users.

We choose 2ACoin, also known as ARMS to back our issuance of ARMS Rewards.

When a 2ACoin is deposited into the ARMS Central Repository an ARMS Reward is created. Like-wise when an ARMS Reward is sent to the ARMS Central Repository, the ARMS Reward is burnt and a 2ACoin is sent from the ARMS Central Repository to the user’s account.

Basically owning an ARMS Reward is the same owning a 2ACoin, except you can tip them to other users for their created content and perform a variety of other useful actions with them such a voting at MAG Club meetings, bidding on advertising, purchasing gun show tickets and tables, plus a whole lot more coming soon.

Earning ARMS Rewards

Your first ARMS Rewards can be earned with a myriad of actions performed on ARMSBOOK.COM. Actions include but are not limited to…

Daily Visits

Shooting / Reacting to posts and comments.

Posting new posts

Commenting on existing posts

Building a group above 30 members.

 Reffering new members

Plus much more.

These newly issued ARMS Rewards do not just pop into thin air, but is actively monitored by the ARMS Reward Dispersion System. The exact amount given out to users is dynamic and changes based on the profit generated by the ARMSBOOK Mining Pool.


Purchasing ARMS Rewards.

Why earn when you can buy?

ARMS Rewards are minted into existence when Mining Pool profit in the form of 2ACoin is deposited into the ARMS Central Repository.

The ARMS Reward Dispersion System then distributes the ARMS Rewards to users for actions performed on the website. 

This however is not the only way ARMS Rewards are minted, you can also purchase them with a credit card, subscribe to them and transmute 2ACoin into ARMS Rewards.

Let’s look deeper into the 3 ways you can get more ARMS Rewards.


1. Purchasing ARMS Rewards with a credit card

Purchasing ARMS Rewards with a credit card is easy. Just head to the “Buy ARMS Rewards” page, enter your credit card information and bam, you are done.

Easy, but what is happening in the background? Remember ARMS Rewards are not minted out of thin air.

When you make a $50 purchase of ARMS Rewards, our systems buy $50 worth of Bitcoin (BTC) at market prices and then proceeds to purchase $50 worth of 2ACoin with that BTC.

Our systems then proceed to send this 2ACoin to the ARMS Central Repository where we mint that exact amount of ARMS Rewards, keep a small fee and send you the rest.

Currently this purchase system is in beta mode and users are only allowed to purchase $50 worth of ARMS Rewards once every 24 hours. This beta mode will be lifted as liquidity increases and we are happy with the system design.



2. Subscribing to ARMS Rewards

Want to really help our cause and get you some ARMS Rewards along the way? Subscribe to ARMS Rewards. 

Subscribing is just like buying with a credit card except that your $50 purchase will be made on a monthly basis, automatically delivering sweet ARMS Rewards to your account every month.


3. Tranmuting 2ACoin

In addition to purchasing ARMS Rewards outright with a credit card. You can also transmute 2ACoin into ARMS Rewards.  This process is pretty straight forward. 

You send 2ACoin to the ARMS Central Repository and the 2ACoin is minted into ARMS Rewards. 90% of the value is sent to the user in ARMS Rewards and the other 10% is kept by the ARMS Central Repository to pay out in interest and maintain a level of profitability.

The ARMSBOOK Mining Pool

Click on the image above to see ARMSBOOK.COM Mining Pool Stats

ARMS Reward Minting Process

More ARMS Rewards = More Guns!!!

First off it should be noted that the more ARMS Rewards you have pass through your account, the more guns you will earn. These digital guns represent your rank within the ARMSBOOK.COM platform. 

With each gun you acquire, your interest for your current ARMS Rewards also increase. 

Take a look at the guns you can earn and their corresponding interest rate below.